Fun felting finds

Here are some cool fiber arts projects from around the web. Please check these people out.

Cute pincushions by Felt Like Knitting

Awesome awesome awesome felted cats and dogs from Kay's K-9s

Wow. Crochet by Mitsuko Tonouchi


String Theory Blog said...

Wow - I love the pincushions - those colors are wonderful. Do you ever do any dying? A long time ago a friend and I made marbled silk - the crochet wrap sort of made me think of that; it's lovely.
I'm glad you like the frost flowers. I'm thinking of doing a peacock colorway - teal and blue knitting with gold and purple and green beads. I think I need an etsy shop - no one could wear this many dang shawls.

Anna said...

I have the same problem with a lot of the things I enjoy making - I have too much stuff already!

Thank you for the comments!