Argh! I'm going to a cookie/ornament party this weekend, and I STILL haven't figured out what kind of ornament I'm making for this year. I knew this would happen, as it does every year, that I would wait until the last minute.
Normally I wouldn't have this much trouble, but there's a theme for the first time ever this year: “Wings.” What the hell am I supposed to do with that? I'm not going to do an angel or something so, I'm sorry, so banal...
I'm trolling the blogs for inspiration, and here's a sampling of some possible ideas:quilling paper leavesquilling paper leaves, tutorial by Craft Leftovers

quilled paper gift tagsand more quilling: This time gift tags by Estefâia Cabeça de Papel

Gold-winged bird ornament made of recycled aluminum by
by Jong Jong Boutique

fabric owl ornaments by Zemphira

bottle cap fairy by Wisp of Whimsy

Dillilah the Pickle Angel from A Little Character

eyeball on a wing - Knot by Gran'ma

peppermint fairy wings by Tiara's Boutique
(okay, it's not really an ornament, but it's still very cool)

"the reader" by CoriD

sheet music bird garland - Dove Grey

Feathered dinosaurs would make awesome Christmas ornaments. Perhaps out of felt? All of these are by Peter Shouten, and you can see more at his website or in his awesome book (that I want). Ingenia yanshini, above.

Bambiraptor feinbergiConchoraptor gracilis

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